Photo of New River Trail State Park




The Community Foundation connects people who want to give back to the New River Valley region with the organizations making an impact every day. A core aspect of the Foundation’s mission is to nurture collaboration and act as a catalyst for community and leadership development. The Commission is pleased to partner with the Foundation on the NRV Livability Initiative.

The Livability Initiative was a three-year regional planning process which provided an opportunity for the New River Valley’s residents to create a vision for the future and develop strategies that businesses, community organizations, local governments, and individuals can use to make this future vision a reality. The Livability Dashboard highlights specific measures and can be used to track them as well. To learn more about the Livability Initiative, click here.

The New River Health District provides services in local health department clinics, schools, homes, and at other sites within the region. The overall goals of the Health District’s services are to promote health, prevent disease, and protect the environment. The Commission is pleased to partner with the Foundation on a variety of community health initiatives, of particular note is the recently completed NRV Plan for Well Being.

The Plan for Well Being documents primary regional health needs, which have not changed in over a decade. The NRV Plan for Well Being Dashboard documents community health prevention and improvement strategies which can be owned, claimed, and shared by all organizations and individuals in the region.