/ Transportation

RIDE Solutions had the opportunity to serve New River Community College students at new student orientation this past month. NRVRC staff discussed bus schedules and carpooling with students looking for ways to get to school when a car is not available. RIDE Solutions identified some students were already carpooling with friends or using the bus on a regular basis. However, most students needed information on where and when to find a bus connecting them to campus. Carpooling information was also shared with interested students.

One student was using the bus to get to the Mall campus, but needed to take an evening class at the Dublin campus. When the bus is not running in the evening, carpooling is the only option left for getting to class. Because NRCC is a Workplace Partner, RIDE Solutions worked not just with the student, but also NRCC staff to find a match when the database didn’t instantly yield matches. That is the value of RIDE Solutions Workplace Partner program – as the database of carpoolers going to the same destination is built, it becomes easier to make a match for an individual interested in carpooling. And in the meantime, resources not readily available to individuals are tapped to try and solve transportation challenges.

For further information, please contact Christy Straight (cstraight@nrvrc.org), 540-639-9313, ext. 209.