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RIDE Solutions NRV is hosting a commuter challenge during November. All companies and commuters are invited to join this free, incentive-based transportation challenge. Participation is easy, free, and requires no long-term commitment. Participants simply download the free ConnectingVA app, register, and log at least one bike, walk, transit, or carpool/vanpool trip for a chance to win fun prizes. The NRV Commuter Challenge will also recognize local businesses with the most trips logged by employees.

Hosted by RIDE Solutions, the transportation demand management agency of the New River Valley Regional Commission, the NRV Commuter Challenge encourages people to consider their transportation choices and make the pledge to try at least one new transportation mode. Participants are encouraged to walk, bike, take the bus, or carpool/vanpool instead of driving alone for at least one trip to or from work during the month-long challenge period. Our goal is to reach 1,000 participating commute trips in the New River Valley. 

For details about the NRV Commuter Challenge, contact Christy Straight at cstraight@nrvrc.org.

To learn more about how RIDE Solutions can help commuters find transportation alternatives to driving alone, visit: https://ridesolutions.org/