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People with umbrellas walking on trail

A group of enthusiastic stakeholders braved the rain last month to participate in a Huckleberry Trail engagement event with Amy Camp from Cycle Forward. The engagement session was part of the Huckleberry Trail planning process that began last fall in partnership with the NRV Metropolitan Planning Organization and Friends of the Huckleberry. With project support, the Regional Commission contracted Amy Camp, who facilitates trail workshops across America to help inspire communities and generate support for trail planning. In mid-February, a group of stakeholders came together for a dynamic morning of on-trail observations and an afternoon group strategy session. Attendees represented a wide range of businesses, organizations and communities. Stakeholder engagement contributes to the planning process in several crucial ways: to collect formal feedback, understand existing conditions, and inspire collaboration that ultimately helps form priorities around plan policies and objectives. The event was extremely fruitful and invigorating as the process moves toward plan creation!

For more information, contact Kathleen Armstrong at karmstrong@nrvrc.org