/ Transportation

Dr. Raymond Smoot, Salem District Commonwealth Transportation Board Representative stopped by to
visit with local partners to discuss transportation priorities on December 12, 2023. The meetings
provided those seeking competitive funding programs an opportunity to share local projects. In
addition, everyone had a chance to learn about important changes in grant application scoring
criteria. The Regional Commission has coordinated local meetings for more than 15 years and will offer
another opportunity in the Fall of 2024.
The Virginia Department of Transportation offers competitive transportation opportunities statewide on
two-year funding cycles. This year, communities had an opportunity to submit projects under
Revenue Sharing, Transportation Alternatives, and the Highway Safety Improvement Program. Next
year, communities will prepare for the next round of SMART Scale. For more information about
competitive transportation opportunities in Virginia, visit: www.vdot.virginia.gov/doing-business/for-
For more information, contact Elijah Sharp, Deputy Executive Director, at (540) 639-9313 or