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The five-year update to the regional hazard mitigation plan will be kicking off in October. The steering committee comprising the region’s local governments and other partners is forming now and their first meeting will be on October 28.

Much of the plan’s information will be updated – mapping, regional statistics, mitigation objectives and projects. The 2019 plan update identified the region’s top three hazards as freezing temperatures, flooding, and high winds (non-rotational). This planning process will also allow the steering committee to collaborate with stakeholders and address any new challenges and opportunities in regional hazard mitigation.

Every participating locality that adopts the plan remains eligible to apply for federal funds to help pay for projects that mitigate the risks our region faces during natural hazards such as flooding or tornadoes. Without this process, local governments would not be able to access FEMA funding for any hazard mitigation assistance beyond what would be provided during the event’s aftermath.
The Commission will be developing a webpage for posting the plan and data developed during the working group process; there will also be a public participation site for individuals to weigh in on the plan. Stay tuned for those links.

For more information, check in at our website: http://nrvrc.org/hazardmitigation/ or contact Christy Straight at cstraight@nrvrc.org or by phone at (540) 639-9313.