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The Regional Commission, with significant input from stakeholders around the region, have been working to create a pilot regional housing trust fund, using seed money from Virginia Housing. A call for proposals solicited applications from Pulaski and Montgomery counties, with available funds totaling $1.8M. An award recommendation was approved by the housing trust fund stakeholder group to award 1) $850,000 to Landmark Development for the development of 50 multi-family units for the Claremont project in the Town of Pulaski, and 2) $950,000 to Community Housing Partners for the development of 56 multi-family units for the Legacy on Main project in the Town of Blacksburg. Funds were awarded as a 30 year, 1% loan. Long-term

sustainability is being sought through grantmaking and local public and private investment.

For more information contact Jennifer Wilsie, jwilsie@nrvrc.org.