Diagram of Comprehensive Plan phases

Pulaski County is engaging on a year-long process to update the county Comprehensive Plan. The county Planning Commission in partnership with the New River Valley Regional Commission is working together to redevelop the plan. The comprehensive plan is a long-range plan which acts as a guide in future decision-making. The plan incorporates community values and desires. At least every five (5) years the County is required to evaluate if a need exists to update the comprehensive plan to reflect current conditions, trends, and policies to address anticipated changes or comply with new state laws. The first phase of this process is data collection and community assessment, in which the Regional Commission will evaluate the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, and the land-use patterns of the County.

The figure above illustrates the process and timeline for the Comprehensive Plan Update.


For further information, please contact Aphi Fancon (afancon@nrvrc.org), 540-639-9313, ext. 217.