Each year the Regional Commission reviews and updates the Regional Economic Strategy (RES) document (historically known as the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy) for the New River Valley. The RES is the focus of the Regional Commission's economic development planning efforts and acts as an annual planning document used to broadly inform economic development activities and desires in the region. 

This work allows the region to strengthen federal and local partnerships to address economic development needs of the New River Valley.  A key step in updating the RES each year is to convene the RES committee, a group of volunteers representing key regional industries, institutions, and economic development organizations, that helps Regional Commission  staff capture key economic trends and develop impactful regional economic development projects. At the end of 2023, the committee met to discuss key regional updates, share data of interest, and establish next steps for 2024.

While the RES document will be updated through June 2024, you can view previous iterations on our website at https://nrvrc.org/services/economy.

The Regional Commission continues to enhance the accessibility and engagement of the RES and key information through an interactive digital format and a data dashboard, maintained by the Regional Commission, providing user-friendly demographic, economic, and community health data for local governments, grant writers, non-profits, and citizens.

We appreciate everyone involved for their continued support and collaboration. Their dedication and expertise are instrumental in driving forward the region's economic growth and prosperity.

For more information, contact Leo Priddylpriddy@nrvrc.org.