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Member Services

The Commission convenes leaders across the region for the purposes of fostering relationships, establishing networks and building capacity. These programs provide general and customized services to benefit all members of the Commission. By participating in these programs, members are kept up-to-date on regional initiatives and they offer a platform to inform the Commission on needs and opportunities in the region.


Mayors and County Chairs Joint Meeting

The chief elected officials for the towns, city and counties meet bi-annually to discuss issues of mutual concern and regional impact. The group sets their own agenda which largely is a round table discussion and is led by the Chair of the Regional Commission Board. The Mayors and Chairs group typically meets at the Regional Commission office in Fairlawn. For more information, contact Kevin Byrd, Executive Director, kbyrd@nrvrc.org, 540-639-9313.


Local Government Managers Meeting

The chief administrative official for the towns, city and counties meet quarterly to exchange ideas and discuss topics relevant in their communities. The group sets their own agenda and is facilitated by the Executive Director of the Regional Commission. The managers group typically meets at the New River Community College Mall Site in Christiansburg. For more information, contact Kevin Byrd, Executive Director, kbyrd@nrvrc.org, 540-639-9313.

Local Government Planners Forum

The local government planners across the region meet quarterly to discuss upcoming development projects, land use policies and items of mutual interest. Each year the Commission coordinates a regional training event for local government Planning Commissioners with relevant content informed by the planner’s forum. The group rotates their meeting location around the region. For more information, contact Jennifer Wilsie, Regional Planner II, jwilsie@nrvrc.org, 540-639-9313.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Users Group

The Regional Commission facilitates a bi-annual meeting of all the GIS users in the region. This group is open to all GIS users and is typically attended by local government, university faculty/staff, non-profits and research firms. The group focuses their discussions on advancements in GIS technology and the development of collaborative projects. The group meets at the Regional Commission office in Fairlawn. For more information, visit https://nrvrc.org/GISUsers/ or contact Elijah Sharp, Director of Planning and Programs, esharp@nrvrc.org, 540-639-9313.


Regional Commission Annual Dinner

Each spring, the Regional Commission Board of Directors coordinates a dinner event for all local government, state and federal elected officials as well as local government managers, planning commission chairs and the planning department heads. The event provides an opportunity for every elected official to network, build relationships and learn about the Regional Commission. The venue for the dinner changes each year in order to showcase a community in the region. For more information, contact Kevin Byrd, Executive Director, kbyrd@nrvrc.org, 540-639-9313