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GIS Services

The New River Valley Regional Commission manages a robust Geographic Information System (GIS) driven by extensive amounts of local and regional data. As a result, the opportunities to collect, utilize, and share geographically referenced information has never been easier. Commission members and partners have access to a variety of GIS data and mapping services.

The Regional Commission utilizes the latest GIS methodologies to support community planning and development projects. GIS and mapping services the Commission offers include:

  • Converting data stored in tabular format to GIS features;
  • Geospatial data analysis, for example, Overlay Analysis, Route and Network analysis, Hotspots and Cold Spots Analysis;
  • Static and printable maps (comprehensive plan maps, project maps, and high-quality poster maps);
  • Access to the Commission’s ArcGIS Online account; and
  • Building interactive web map applications with feature customization.


Web Map Application Gallery

GIS Users

The Regional Commission facilitates a bi-annual meeting of all the GIS users in the region.  This group is open to all GIS users and is typically attended by local government, university faculty/staff, non-profits and research firms.  The group focuses their discussions on advancements in GIS technology and the development of collaborative projects.  The group meets at the Regional Commission office in Fairlawn.  For more information, visit  https://nrvrc.org/GISUsers/ or contact Elijah Sharp, Director of Planning and Programs at esharp@nrvrc.org or call  540-639-9313.