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New River Valley Vision 2020

What is the Vision 2020 Plan?  The Vision 2020 Plan is “not about today,” it’s about meeting the challenges of the future.  The purpose of the Vision 2020 Plan (through citizen input and involvement) is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the region (and/or individual communities) and to develop projects and programs that will build on our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses.  The Vision 2020 Plan is the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the whole New River Valley.  The initial Vision 2020 Plan – The New River Valley…a Global Community was completed in 1995 and another update was completed in 2003, Community First – Harnessing Change and Building Connections. The most recent update, Community First…Regional Partners in a Global Marketplace was completed in 2009. Recognizing the value of working together, to accomplish long and short term goals, and the need to share resources across political lines, the area’s citizens built a plan highlighting “regional” goals, objectives, projects and programs in this newest update.

Implementation of the projects and programs outlined in the Plan will be the joint responsibility of local and regional governments, governmental and community agencies, community and civic organizations, local businesses and private citizens.

NRV Vision 2020 Cover


2010 Vision 2020 (Consumer Version)

2009 Vision 2020 (Full Report)

2003 Vision 2020

1995 Vision 2020