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Regional Wastewater Planning

In 2007, the Virginia General Assembly allocated funds to improve water quality in the streams and groundwater of the “Southern Rivers” region of Virginia. The Department of Housing and Community Development was allocated $17,000,000 for the Southern Rivers Watershed Enhancement Program (SRWEP) to improve water quality in non-Chesapeake Bay watersheds. Generally, this program was designed to target the construction, expansion or enhancement of publicly-owned wastewater treatment systems to provide measurable community development benefits.

To address some of the issues of water quality in the New River Valley region, focusing on improving wastewater collection and treatment, the New River Valley Planning District Commission applied for a SRWEP planning grant in early 2008.

The study resulting from the SRWEP planning grant is the New River Valley Regional Wastewater Study. The study identifies specific projects, prioritizes them and provides project costs. This study serves as a road map for sewer project in the New River Valley over the next twenty years.

During the course of this study, the Design Team examined over 134 projects. Following a prioritization of these projects, there is a recommendation to pursue 20 centralized projects and 6 de-centralized projects.

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