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Every year in May RIDE Solutions produces events and activities to promote commuting alternatives. The New River Valley demonstrated strong participation in each of the following events:

Clean Commute Challenge: Clean Commute participants pledge to use a cleaner commute mode – biking, walking, riding the bus, carpooling – on one or more days this month. There’s a Cleanest Team competition open to any group (workplace, clubs, informal groups), too. Final results can be found here: www.ridesolutions.org/leaderboard and include 2,421 trips logged and 61,398 miles taken off the road this year.

Blacksburg swept the main categories this year:

Clean Commuter of the Year – Kali Casper

Cleanest Team - the Town of Blacksburg Employees

Extraordinary Bike Professional and Bike Hero Awards: RIDE Solutions has been recognizing individuals in our service area who are improving opportunities for cycling as transportation both in professional and personal capacities. Two Town of Blacksburg planners shared the Extraordinary Bike Professional Award.  The 2016 Bike Professional Award was presented to Anne McClung, Director of Planning and Building, and Kali Casper, Comprehensive Planner. Anne and Kali were nominated by Beth Lohman for their efforts in bringing the Bicycle Master Plan to completion as staff liaisons to the Town Corridor Committee. The Committee had been working on the plan for over four years – on a volunteer basis – when Anne and Kalie joined the effort and brought their professional planning expertise to bear on the project. Because of their work, including Anne’s ability to allocate the resources needed to make this happen and Kali’s dedication to completing the plan narrative and data analysis, the plan was complete and brought before Council for approval within two years.

Bike Shorts Film Festival: The theme celebrates Bike Month, and films are sure to have two things in common: directors with a heart for making film and a bicycle. The festival features short films produced by local, national and international filmmakers.

Clean Commute Hospitality Station: One Friday in the month we thank those who take the clean commute pledge with a commuter pit stop.

For further information, please contact Christy Straight (cstraight@nrvrc.org), 540-639-9313 x209.