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The five-year update to the regional hazard mitigation plan is nearly complete! The final plan has been submitted for regulatory review and approval – VDEM has signed off on the plan and it is now in review at FEMA. Much of the information has been updated – mapping, regional statistics, mitigation objectives and projects. The table below summarizes the relative risk of natural hazards in the New River Valley – the culmination of the hazard identification and risk assessment process of natural hazards the NRV is most likely to experience. The only change from the 2011 plan update in ranking is the shift of wildfires from low to medium risk.

NRV Regional Assessment of Relative Risk of Natural Hazards

The webpage developed for the project now hosts the plan and data developed during the working group process. While the comment period for the current plan has closed, we welcome any comments the public might wish to make. These will be cataloged and addressed at the next plan update.

For more information, check-in at our website: https://nrvrc.org/hazardmitigation/  or contact Christy Straight (cstraight@nrvrc.org) or (540) 639-9313, ext. 209.