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Housing Services Guide cover page

Housing is a topic that affects every resident in the New River Valley.  When a Commission partner reached out to ask if there was a comprehensive housing resource list for the NRV, we realized one did not exist.  Many agencies have information for the clientele they serve, but almost all struggle to consistently connect clients to accurate and up-to-date resources.

The NRV HOME Consortium is helping to facilitate this work, hosting a kick-off meeting in mid-June that drew 18 other colleagues also interested in the topic.  Although in the early stages of the process, the group began with discussing what type of content is needed and what information already exists.  An intern with the Town of Blacksburg will be assisting with data collection throughout the summer.  Ultimately, the group would like this resource to be accessible as an interactive website, with potential content to include availability and location of affordable housing and accessible housing, resources available for home modifications, and an inventory of human service providers.

For further information contact Jennifer Wilsie (jwilsie@nrvrc.org) or 540-639-9313, ext. 204.