/ Community Health
Through a collaborative application process, the New River Health District was awarded American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to expand and deepen partnerships with organizations across the New River Valley who are working to support well-being in our region. The Regional Commission has been subcontracted to lead this work and support an integrated, data-informed engagement process. The 2-year program includes work with the Community Foundation of the NRV to support promotion and engagement in defining and strengthening the Healthy Roots Network across the region and with Virginia Tech who will provide a robust reflective evaluation of the program as it moves it forward.
In conjunction with the ARPA funding, the Regional Commission has been asked by our local governments to facilitate a multijurisdictional application to the Opioid Abatement Authority (OAA) for innovative and expansive abatement projects in the region. The proposal is due May 5 and the application information can be found on the OAA website - https://www.oaa.virginia.gov. The focus of this funding is on opioid misuse (prevention & education, treatment & recovery and harm reduction). By leveraging this work within the ARPA program, this is an opportunity to keep underlying well-being concerns integrated while addressing the crisis of opioid misuse.
For more information contact Holly Lesko, hlesko@nrvrc.org.