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The Regional Commission supported the NRV Recovery Ecosystem program to gather input and build the proposal and budget for submission of the Year 2 Renewal for the regional opioid abatement response. The renewal proposal was submitted to the Virginia Opioid Abatement Authority (OAA) on April 1st with year 2 funding expected by July 1, 2024. This work builds on the initial year of the 5-year program of funding awarded last spring and funded in January. The initial funding and renewal proposals support project elements ranging from supportive housing, transportation and education for expanded treatment, innovations in recovery, as well as integration of evidence-based harm reduction. In the year 2 renewal package, the local governments and service partners will continue to collaborate, educate and integrate access to services to build a sustainable ecosystem of recovery in the localities across the New River Valley.

For more information about this program or specific programs underway and proposed, contact Holly Lesko, hlesko@nrvrc.org.