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The NRV Recovery Ecosystem was highlighted at the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Community Health Services (CHS) Leadership Biannual Meeting in Richmond Virginia. Dr. Noelle Bissell, Director of the New River Health District and Holly Lesko with the Regional Commission provided an overview of the program with other Health Directors and senior VDH staff. The level of collaboration and trust built across the New River Valley over the years was shared as the foundation of this program which is unique in the scope of the work and breadth of partnerships engaged in the opioid abatement effort in the region. Dr. Bissell noted, "The Regional Commission provided the structure and glue to our regional response to COVID and continues to do so for the NRV Recovery Ecosystem." and Dr. Karen Shelton, VDH Commissioner who also serves on the Virginia Opioid Abatement Authority (OAA) promoted this collaboration as an exemplar for other health districts to follow. 

For more information about the NRV Recovery Ecosystem, contact Holly Lesko hlesko@nvrc.org.