Before and after photos of downtown street

The Regional Commission continues to assist the Town of Rich Creek with their downtown improvements through grant applications and administration. Using the Town’s 2004 Strategic Plan for Downtown Enhancement as a guide, the Regional Commission has helped the Town secure over $1.7 million in funding from the Virginia Department of Transportation. This funding has been matched by local funds to improve Rich Creek’s downtown core. Improvements to the downtown include new sidewalks, curb and gutter, stormwater systems, streetlights, landscaping, parking, seating, and improved business access. The improvements are ongoing, with two of the three phases of the Town’s downtown enhancement project already being completed and additional grant funding pending. This year, construction is set to begin on the last phase of the project, with consultants working on the final engineering and environmental plans.

For further information, please contact Michael Gottfredson ( or 540-639-9313 ext.205.