The  Regional Commission has been working with the staff and Planning Commission of Pulaski County in updating the Comprehensive Plan, which is nearing completion. The plan has incorporated the insights and feedback from the community survey, planning commission meetings, focus group meetings, and discussions with County Planning staff and various Department Heads.

Open Houses for the community will soon be hosted at four locations across the County. Maps and posters will be showcased at the open houses to highlight the comprehensive plan process, key elements, policies, and concepts. Citizens will have the opportunity to view the draft goals objectives and policies of the of the Comprehensive Plan to ensure the concerns and aspirations of Pulaski County residents have been heard and taken into consideration.

County staff and Regional Commission staff will be available at these events to explain the proposed changes and to receive feedback from the public.  Further changes will be made to the Comprehensive Plan based on the comments, which will then be taken up for the final revision and recommendation by the Planning Commission at their November meeting. The final steps are approval and adoption by the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors, which will be accomplished through public hearing.

For further information, please contact Aphi Fancon (, 540-639-9313, ext. 217.