The Regional Commission recently partnered with Christiansburg nonprofit, Downtown Christiansburg Inc. (DCI), to develop an annual action plan. DCI was founded in 2012 and incorporated as a nonprofit in 2018. After participating in several planning and visioning processes over the years, DCI wanted to identify specific action items over the coming year in order to grow as an organization and further its mission of promoting downtown Christiansburg.

The Commission hosted a listening session with the Board as a whole and spoke one-on-one with Board members and community stakeholders to gather insight into the focus areas that were of highest priority and impact. Since official Main Street Community status is one of DCI’s goals, the Commission also examined several case studies from other successful Main Street Communities across the country. The final action plan detailed action steps for seven focus areas, included target dates, funding considerations, and metrics of evaluation.

For further information, please contact Jennifer Wilsie (, 540-639-9313.