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Staff members talk around a table

After the annual staff retreat in the fall of 2015, the Regional Commission established three internal committees that would work to advance the Regional Commission’s abilities (Technology, Communication, Capacity Building).

Technology Committee-

The technology committee convenes monthly to discuss new technologies, improving internal technologies such as software programs, websites, and G.I.S. services, along with brainstorming ideas on how the Regional Commission can position itself to be the go-to entity for technology-related items for the localities in the region. This committee looks for ways to utilize technology to better understand communities and better serve communities in the region.

Communications Committee-

The communications committee convenes monthly to discuss strategic ways of communicating the Regional Commission’s work, via website presence, social media, and print. Additionally, this committee aims to brainstorm new and creative ways of enhancing communication and collaboration internally.

Capacity Building-

The committee convenes on an as-needed basis to evaluate the efficacy of and administer the capacity-building program which exists to fund investigation and peer-sharing for staff members to develop the Regional Commission’s ability to serve its members in emerging and growing areas of challenge and opportunity.