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The New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board (NRMRWDB) has submitted to the State a new Strategic Plan to guide the organization, and the region, in meeting the skill needs of regional businesses.  A State level committee will review this plan prior to approval.  The Plan is due to go into effect on July 1, 2017 and run through June 30, 2020.

An important part in creating this Plan involved gathering input from a wide array of groups and individuals within the NRMR Workforce Development Area and the surrounding region whose unique knowledge and experience helped inform the strategic planning process and improved the end product. These groups included business, government, education, labor, other workforce programs, community-based organizations (CBOs), and other key constituencies.

The NRMRWDB’s strategic plan is intended to be a management tool and has two primary purposes.

  • To present a wide-ranging compilation of the plan and its component parts. It encapsulates the strategic planning process as well as the views and decisions of stakeholders.
  • To serve as a guidance tool for strategic planning. Each section contains information about its component part as well as additional information about how the NRMRWDB can use the information in the plan.

Through the planning process the Mission and Vision of the NRMRWDB was updated and new goals and strategies identified.


Mission: The NRMRWDB supports the region’s economy through a collaborative approach to meeting needs of businesses and job seekers that is flexible and adaptable to the changing economic ecosystem. And we hold ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders in the region.

Vision: The New River Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board envisions a region where every business has access to a qualified, job-ready workforce and every citizen in the region has the skills needed to secure meaningful employment, competitive wages, and career advancement through an integrated workforce support infrastructure

Goals: The NRMRWDB goals for the next three years are our response to the important issues identified in our SWOT analysis that was completed as part of the strategic planning process. The goals provide a roadmap for fulfilling the strategic direction and are foundational to our work. We understand our job of preparing our region’s workforce and fully accept the accountability through performance measures that ensure the success as well as help us understand where to make adjustments when needed.

Goal 1: Increase business engagement and deliver value to the region’s business customers.

Goal 2: Achieve measurable skills development in for the region’s job seeking customers in the form of workforce credentials that matter to business.

Goal 3: Fill jobs in demand occupations that show promise for long-term growth in industries that are strategic to the region's economy.

Goal 4: Help individuals, including individuals with barriers, gain access to the middle class and demonstrate career progression.

Goal 5: Ensure that the workforce system's return on investment creates value for our regional stakeholders and customers and the Commonwealth.

The NRMRWDB’s Strategic Plan is a living document to serve as a roadmap toward our intended outcomes and anticipated impact.  Thus, the boards and staff will review our plan’s progress bi-monthly and will update the plan quarterly as needed.

The full strategic plan can be found here:

For more information, contact Marty Holliday at or 540-633-6764.