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The New River Valley, as a region, tends to have low unemployment.  But, occasionally, one jurisdiction or another will have an unemployment spike, but still many jobs in the region go unfilled and some for long periods of time.  Certainly, there is a “skills gap” issue to be addressed (lots of job seekers, but not with the right skill set or needed credentials), but there are many available training programs and funding to help alleviate this issue.  So, what’s the problem?

Through discussions with many companies, the New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board is quite concerned with the “interest gap.” This gap is the result of a lack of information (or incorrect information) about various industries/occupations around the region. So, the board is doing something about this problem!

Beginning in early July, the NR/MR WDB is launching a new podcast series called “Work Talk” that will be available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher Radio and Google Play. Initial podcasts will be interviews from regional companies, giving the companies an opportunity to tell their story, but all “Work Talk” topics will be about the region’s “work” opportunities and happenings.

Listeners will be able to access the podcast from a branded app, available on iTunes and Google Play (see the Work Talk logo), and the taped podcast will also have a permanent home on the NR/MR WDB’s website.  With over 60 million Americans listening to podcasts on a monthly basis, this innovative way of getting information out to job seekers about our regional businesses should help the region begin to bridge the interest gap and begin to fill much needed jobs.

For more information about the New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Board and/or the Work Talk podcast, contact Marty Holliday at or 540-633-6764.