Group of people with face masks and boxes

The Business Continuity Team (BCT) has been working with the NRV Public Health Task Force to ensure that businesses can remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since August the team has been answering commonly asked questions regarding COVID-19, reviewing and developing business continuity plans, fielding calls from the New River Health District, performing N-95 fit tests, on-site testing coordination, and contact tracing. In October, the position of Public Health School Liaison was filled by Holly Lesko who has been responding to school mitigation and case response protocols.

During this time hundreds of businesses have been informed of the services offered by the BCT whether through local chambers, word of mouth, or lunch and learn sessions hosted by the BCT. To date 68 businesses have received consultations, two businesses have received on-site consults, and three businesses have received reimbursement for cleaning services. Over 17 businesses have reached out more than once for ongoing support and guidance.

Not only did the BCT assist various types of business in the past few months, but they also held Infection Control training classes for local election officers. Ten classes were held and over 100,000 masks and pens were distributed to the local registrars to distribute on election day.

The BCT will continue to assist the businesses in the NRV and will strive to keep these businesses safely open during the pandemic. For further information, please contact Ashley Briggs ( or Melanie Morris ( 540-639-9313.