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Economic Recovery Planner

Are you interested in an important role that will support economic recovery across Virginia’s New River Valley as a result of COVID-19?  The New River Valley Regional Commission, a planning agency located in beautiful southwest Virginia, is seeking a team-oriented and experienced economic development planner.  This new position will play an important role in leading the development of an economic recovery plan for the region in collaboration with partner organizations.  The position will also directly support development of business recovery projects identified through the planning process.

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Business Continuity Team – Program Manager

This new position will play an important role in helping local businesses proactively plan and/or respond after COVID-19 cases are identified in the workplace.  The Program Manager will lead a highly innovative team approach to supporting businesses in the region should they be confronted with a COVID-19 case. The successful candidate will enjoy working collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team that includes professionals in public health, public relations, contract cleaning firms, local governments and partner agencies.

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Business Continuity Team – Public Health Director

This new position will be responsible for oversight of infectious disease surveillance and investigation within local businesses requesting assistance; contact tracing and recommendations for further testing/quarantine/isolation of affected individuals while protecting privacy and maintaining confidentiality to the maximum extent possible while still protecting public health; reporting and coordination with local health department; making recommendations for any changes/alterations of business operations as disease control measures; overseeing any cleaning/disinfecting activities to ensure compliance with CDC/FDA/USDA guidelines; providing leadership and guidance to support business with local government and media agencies.

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