This out and back route gently goes up for the first 17.8 miles, turns around at the top of the climb, just inside West Virginia's border. It then returns back down the same route to the start. It goes along scenic Big Stony Creek for much of the route on a well paved, generally lightly traveled road. Avoid this route in late fall during hunting season, when both cars and bullets are flying.

Starting Point: Drive north from Blacksburg on US 460 continuing 20 miles past Pembroke where SR 623 goes to the right. Park here on the left of US 460 in the commuter parking lot.

Distance: 35.6 miles.

Terrain: Rolling hills.

Mile Directions
0.0 Bike east on SR 635.
1.1 Go up the only steep hill for 1.2 miles.
2.3 Top of only steep climb.
4.2 Pass by Deer Country Restaurant on right.
5.5 Continue left on SR 635, when dirt SR 628 goes right.
6.8 Pass by "Welcome to Stony Creek" sign.
11.1 Pass by Interior picnic area.
16.3 Pass by dirt SR 613 on right to White Rocks recreation area.
17.5 Pass by Monroe County, West Virginia sign.
17.8 Turn around at top of climb, so you can tell your friends you biked in two states.
24.5 Pass by Interior picnic area again.
31.4 Pass by Deer Country Restaurant again.
35.6 Return to start.

Historically, the stage coach went through Blacksburg, up SR 613 to Mountain Lake, and then through White Rocks on to West Virginia.