A scenic, secluded rural loop with low traffic. Lots of farming along “backroad” SR 624. The ride first follows upstream along Sinking Creek, a tributary of the New River that eventually reaches the Gulf of Mexico. After passing the head waters of Sinking Creek, the ride continues over the continental divide into the head waters of Meadow Creek which flows into Craig Creek, then the James River and finally into the Atlantic Ocean.

Starting Point: Newport town park baseball field located on SR 42, 1.3 miles east of junction with US 460.

Distance: 51.9 miles.

Terrain: Moderate.

Mile Directions
0.0 Leave the town park.
9.7 Simmonsville.
12.7 Maywood School, continue east on SR 42.
14.8 Twin churches on left.
16.9 Country store on right.
17.8 Pass SR 625 on left.
22.1 Pass SR 622 on right.
24.9 Pass SR 622 on right.
25.8 Left on SR 624.
28.4 Pass SR 623 on left.
34.0 SR 625 joins from left.
36.8 Continue to the right on SR 624, SR 625 leaves to left.
39.2 Right on SR 42.
42.2 Simmonsville.
51.9 Return to the baseball field.

The eastern continental divide is crossed at mile 20.5.