The ride begins with a pleasant, mostly flat ride along the New River to Glen Lyn. About 1 mile after crossing busy Rt. 460 the character of the ride changes to mostly single-lane paved road with some of the sweetest climbs and descents in the area. This portion has very little traffic and gorgeous views. The route diverges from the Elgood Loop at the 24.2 mile mark, adding 21 miles. A route described as a ride of ”pure joy.”

Starting Point: Narrows; Parking at Narrows Town Park, 0.5 Miles West of Narrows on SR-61.

Distance:64 Miles

Terrain: Long, steep climbs and switchbacks.

Mile Directions
0.0 Go Right on SR-61 going back into Narrows.
0.8 Go Left before RR overpass onto Princeton Ln, SR-649 crossing short bridge over creek.
1.4 Stay Right on SR-649; SR-651 enters from left.
3.5 Stay straight on SR-649; SR-679 enters from left.
4.4 Cross RR Tracks.
5.8 Go Right under RR on SR-649; SR-725 East River Mt Rd. goes left.
7.4 Cross busy US-460 onto Elgood Mt Rd.
7.8 Begin climb up Elgood Mt.
8.4 Go Left in sharp turn; Sheppard Hollow Rd enters from right.
9.0 Stay Right on Elgood Mt Rd; Pleasant Hill Rd enters on left.
11.5 Stay Left on Hatcher Rd; Clemons Rd goes right.
12.1 Go sharp Right on Round Mt-Chestnut Knob Rd.
14.2 Begin long descent.
14.8 Stay Left on Round Mt-Chestnut Knob Rd; Clemons Rd and Green Springs Rd go right.
16.2 Go Left up hill on Red Sulfur Turnpike; Round Mt. Rd goes right.
19.8 Go Right at T on Elgood-Little Island Creek Rd.
20.1 Pass ponds on right.
22.5 Stay Right going up Basham Hill; Little Island Creek Rd goes left.
22.9 Go around 1st of 4 beautiful switchbacks climbing Basham Hill.
24.2 Go right on Hilltop-Laurel Creek Rd going along ridgeline a few miles before descending to Lick Creek on narrow, twisting Rd.
28.6 Stay right on Lick Creek Rd; Dry Fork Run goes left.
30.8 Stay left on Lick Creek Rd; Begii Farm Rd enters on right.
31.8 Stay left on Indian Ridge Rd; Butler Scales-Salt Well Rd goes right.
36.7 Stay left on Indian Ridge Rd; Rocky Mount Rd goes right.
37.3 Go left on SR-20.
37.5 Pass entrance to Pipestem State Park on right.
38.5 Go left on Old Lerona Rd at Sitdown Deli and Grocery.
39.4 Go left on EastSide-Bent Mt Rd.
41.8 Pass Banks Rd on right; Stay left on Bent Mt Rd.
43.4 Stay right on Bent Mt Rd; Birdtown School Rd goes left.
44.5 Go left on West Side-Bent Mt Rd.
45.3 Cross Red Sulfur Turnpike onto Elgood Rd.
46.1 Stay straight on Elgood Rd; Pisgah Rd enters on right.
49.8 Turn left toward Glen Lyn, VA, at intersection./td>
50.4 Stay right on Round Bottom-Chestnut Knob Rd; Little Island Creek Rd goes left.
51.8 Go right on Elgood Mt Rd.
52.6 Stay right on Elgood Mt Rd; Clemons Rd enters from left.
57.0 Cross busy US-460 onto Lurich Rd and follow back to Narrows.
63.5 Go right on SR-61.
64.2 Narrows Town Park and end of ride.