The ride crosses two mountains, Johns Creek Mountain and New Castle Mountain. Traffic is low to moderate but can be heavy at times on SR 311. A ride for strong cyclists.

Starting Point: Newport town park baseball field located on SR 42, 1.3 miles east of junction with US 460.

Distance: 61.8 miles.

Terrain: Difficult.

Mile Directions
0.0 Leave the town park.
6.6 Level Green Baptist Church.
6.9 Pass SR 629 on left.
7.6 Left onto SR 662 (Happy Hollow).
9.5 Left onto SR 658.
13.2 Right onto SR 632.
14.0 Maggie. Bear right and continue on SR 632.
21.4 Pass SR 635 on left.
23.6 Right onto SR 658.
28.3 Right onto SR 311 (south). Watch for traffic.
33.5 New Castle. Go right onto SR 42 (west).
36.6 Right onto SR 624.
49.6 Left onto SR 42.
51.9 Simmonsville.
52.8 Twin Oaks Store.
55.2 Level Green Baptist Church.
61.8 Return to baseball field parking lot.

For a leisurely paced Saturday ride, have lunch at the diner in the little town of New Castle. But don't have dessert because the climb up New Castle Mountain is a bear! The diner has public rest rooms.