The ride begins with a pleasant, mostly flat ride along the New River to Glen Lyn. About 1 mile after crossing busy Rt. 460 the character of the ride changes to mostly single-lane paved road with some of the sweetest climbs and descents in the area. This portion has very little traffic and gorgeous views. A route described as a ride of “pure joy.”

Starting Point: Narrows; Parking at Narrows Town Park, 0.5 Miles West of Narrows on SR-61.

Distance:44.5 Miles

Terrain: Long, steep climbs and switchbacks.

Mile Directions
0.0 Go Right on SR-61 going back into Narrows.
0.8 Go Left before RR overpass onto Princeton Ln, SR-649 crossing short bridge over creek.
1.4 Stay Right on SR-649; SR-651 enters from left.
3.5 Stay straight on SR-649; SR-679 enters from left.
4.4 Cross RR Tracks.
5.8 Go Right under RR on SR-649; SR-725 East River Mt Rd. goes left.
7.4 Cross busy US-460 onto Elgood Mt Rd.
7.8 Begin climb up Elgood Mt.
8.4 Go Left in sharp turn; Sheppard Hollow Rd enters from right.
9.0 Stay Right on Elgood Mt Rd; Pleasant Hill Rd enters on left.
11.5 Stay Left on Hatcher Rd; Clemons Rd goes right.
12.1 Go sharp Right on Round Mt-Chestnut Knob Rd.
14.2 Begin long descent.
14.8 Stay Left on Round Mt-Chestnut Knob Rd; Clemons Rd and Green Springs Rd go right.
16.2 Go Left up hill on Red Sulfur Turnpike; Round Mt. Rd goes right.
19.8 Go Right at T on Elgood-Little Island Creek Rd.
20.1 Pass ponds on right.
22.5 Stay Right going up Basham Hill; Little Island Creek Rd goes left.
22.9 Go around 1st of 4 beautiful switchbacks climbing Basham Hill.
24.2 Go Left on Hill Top-Laurel Creek Rd, Red Sulfur Turnpike.
25.6 Go Left on Elgood Rd at 4-way.
26.4 Stay Straight on Elgood Rd; Pisgah Rd enters from right.
30.1 Turn Left toward Glen Lyn, VA, at intersection.
30.7 Stay Right on Round Mt-Chestnut Knob Rd; Little Island Creek Rd goes left.
32.1 Go Right on Elgood Mt Rd.
37.3 Cross busy US-460 onto Lurich Rd; SR-649 and return to Narrows.
43.8 Go Right on SR-61.
44.5 Narrows Town Park and end of ride.