The route passes through farmland with low traffic. The ride can serve as training to prepare legs for the steeper grades in the area like the Salt Pond Mountain Loop.

Starting Point: Newport town park baseball field located on SR 42, 1.3 miles east of junction with US 460.

Distance: 15.2 miles.

Terrain: Several short sleep climbs.

Mile Directions
0.0 Proceed from town park west on SR 42.
0.1 Turn right on SR 601.
0.9 Continue on SR 601. SR 604 intersects from left.
1.4 Continue on SR 601. SR 702 intersects from right.
2.5 Continue on SR 601. SR 685 intersects from left.
5.2 Left on SR 602. SR 601 becomes a gravel road and continues into Craig County.
7.9 Continue right on SR 602. SR 685 intersects from left.
9.3 Continue on SR 602. SR 603 intersects from left.
9.9 Left onto SR 700. On the right SR 700 climbs to Mountain Lake Hotel.
11.4 Left onto SR 604.
11.9 Left onto SR 603.
13.5 Left on SR 604.
14.3 Right onto SR 601.
15.1 Right on SR 42.
15.2 Return to baseball field parking lot.

There are no stores on the route. The route passes by two covered bridges, one at 0.7 m on the right and another to the right at 11.4 m when the route turns left from SR 700 to SR 604. These bridges are not used today, but are preserved as part of the history of the area.