One of the fastest and flattest Century rides in our area. An easy first time 100-mile ride on rural roads and with beautiful scenery. Some traffic in Bluefield, a city of 15,000. The biggest climb is 1½ miles starting at around mile 21. The last half of ride from Tazewell to Narrows is fast, often with a west tailwind. At mile 7.4, you are on US 460 for 1½ miles, but it has a safe 10-foot paved shoulder. New River is the second oldest river in the world. On a side road going parallel to SR 61 on the left (around mile 90-95) are buried the first while settlers in this area, in a marked grave.

Starting Point: Drive to the town of Narrows, about 30 minutes from Blacksburg, by way of US 460. After entering the town of Narrows, turn right on SR 61 and follow SR 61 over the New River and through the business district. One mile from US 460 reach town park on the left where parking is available.

Distance: 100.8 miles.

Terrain: Rolling hills with one long climb.

Mile Directions
0.0 Right onto SR 61 from town park going back to Narrows.
0.9 Left before Narrows Bridge onto Princeton Lane with short bridge over creek.
1.5 Right onto SR 649, when SR 651 goes left.
3.5 Stay right on main road when SR 679 goes left.
4.4 Cross over railroad tracks to left.
5.8 Right under railroad tracks onto SR 649, when SR 725 goes left.
7.4 Left on US 460, onto right 10-foot paved shoulder separate from car lanes.
8.9 Go left off US 460 on road to Kelleyville and Willowtown.
13.0 Left onto SR 112 (later called Princeton Avenue), not right to US 460.
20.0 Pass by I-77 North sign.
23.0 Top of 1½ mile climb, toughest of ride. Watch out for pot holes going down in next mile or so.
26.2 Left at junction.
27.0 Right onto US 19 south, not ono US 19 north to US 460.
28.9 Top of climb into Bluefield.
32.8 Right before two-story monument firm and then left. Staying on US 19 and US 460.
33.5 Curve left at Church of Cod to stay on US 19 and US 460.
33.8 Right to stay on US 19 and US 460.
35.4 Right onto SR 650 near St. Clair.
36.2 Right onto SR 659 at railroad tracks, when SR 640 goes left over tracks.
36.8 Cross tracks so railroad tracks are on right.
40.2 Stay on SR 650 when SR 656 goes right.
43.3 Right over tracks and immediately left at Tiptop.
47.8 Left onto SR 650, when SR 651 goes right.
48.9 Right on US 460 (no shoulder, but light traffic) for less than a mile.
49.6 Off US 460 after Ramey Chevrolet to right, and then immediately under US 460 to left.
51.2 Left onto SR 61 at stop signal in Tazewell.
56.2 Pass JR's Convenience Store on right.
76.2 Pass under I-77.
76.5 Left at dead end onto US 52/SR 61 and go past BP Convenience Store and SR 61 to Narrows (both on right).
77.5 Pass Sutfins Convenience Store, and make left onto SR 613 (go one mile on SR 613).
78.5 Turn around and go back on road you came. This turn made this a 100-mile century, rather than just 98 miles.
80.7 Left onto SR 61 to Narrows.
100.8 Back to town park. Congratulations.

Several convenience stores located in Bluefield.