6580 Valley Center Dr. • Ste 124 • Radford, VA 24141 • 540-639-9313

The New River Valley Business Continuity Team (BCT) assists businesses impacted by COVID-19. If you have a general question, or a positive case on-site, we are here to help!  The BCT delivers wrap around services necessary for businesses to operate in the COVID environment. The BCT works in coordination with the New River Health District-Virginia Department of Health to provide employers with 24/7 technical assistance.  Resources available include development of a business-specific continuity plan, public and employee messaging and education, facility cleaning, certification of best practices and coordination of on-site testing.


Q: What if my business has an employee(s) that tests positive for COVID-19?

A: Call us at 540-639-9313.  The BCT works closely with the health district to answer your questions and provide you with the tools and services so your business can remain open.

Q: My business has been impacted by COVID-19 and I don’t know how to reopen, can you help?

A: Yes, we can assist you in the development of a business continuity plan and work through the steps of safely reopening your business.

Q: Are financial resources available to help keep my business open if an employee(s) tests positive?

A: Yes, the BCT has a reimbursement-based program to assist with services such as cleaning, legal consultation, and public relations.