The Huckleberry Trail is named after the Huckleberry Line, a railroad which provided service into Blacksburg from Christiansburg. Much of the trail follows the old railroad grade. It is marked by a circular red and white sign with a small engine. Since the trail is popular for walking and roller blading, watch for others especially at corners with poor visibility. When approaching a person from behind, alert them by ringing a bell or calling their attention before passing.

Starting Point: The parking lot for the Blacksburg Library on the corner of Miller and Preston Ave. The trail begins across Miller St. at the kiosk just to the right of Preston Ave.

Distance: About 5.5 miles one-way.

Terrain: Fairly flat.

Mile Directions
0.0 Begin on the trail to the left of the kiosk which gives information about the trail.
0.5 Bridge passes over Southgate Dr.
0.8 Bike trail forks. Go straight and then follow the trail as it leaves the railroad grade and turns to the right. Since the airport lies on the old railroad grade, the trail takes a short detour before returning to the original grade.
1.2 Cross Tech Center Dr. Continue straight. The trail passes the Tech farms and thru a tunnel under US 460.
2.7 Cross Mabry Lane at the entrance to Warm Hearth. The trail has now returned to the site of the original railroad grade.
3.3 Cross HuckleberryRd. and Hilltop Rd. Watch for traffic on Hilltop Rd.
3.7 Cross Merrimac Rd.
4.7 Bridge over railroad.
5.5 New River Mall.