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December Transportation Update

Virginia is taking steps to address pedestrian safety statewide!  In 2016, pedestrian fatalities rose to nearly 16% of all highway fatalities.   The majority of incidents occur mid-block on busy roadways that have two or three lanes.  Perhaps not as surprising, nearly 90% of crashes occur where a crosswalk isn’t marked.

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November 2018 Smart Beginnings NRV Update

The Smart Beginnings NRV program recently completed an Early Childhood Regional Assessment funded by the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF).  The Regional Assessment explores the outcomes of the current early childhood system, the risk factors influencing these outcomes, the early childhood services currently available, as well as service gaps and challenges by locality. 

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Town of Floyd Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Floyd is in the last phase of updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, which is a document containing strategic components for long range planning, designed to guide decisions relating to growth, development activities and resources within the Town.

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